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<p>Nós optamos por não disponibilizar as imagens de ícone de salas Matrix, pois seria supérfluo.</p>
<div class=h><h2 id=main>Logo ~V principal (<a href=/media/vern.xcf>XCF file</a>)</h2> <a aria-hidden=true href=#main>#main</a></div>
<img src=/media/vern.png alt="Main ~vern logo">
<img src=/media/vern.png alt="Logo do ~vern principal">
<div class=h><h2 id=transparent>Fundo transparente (<a href=/media/verntrans.xcf>XCF file</a>)</h2> <a aria-hidden=true href=#transparent>#transparent</a></div>
<img src=/media/verntrans.png alt="~vern logo with a transparent background">
<img src=/media/verntrans.png alt="Logo do ~vern com fundo transparente">
<div class=h><h2 id=full>Logo ~Vern completo (<a href=/media/vernfull.xcf>XCF file</a>)</h2> <a aria-hidden=true href=#full>#full</a></div>
<img src=/media/vernfull.png alt="Full ~vern logo">
<img src=/media/vernfull.png alt="Logo do ~vern completo">
<div class=h><h2 id=full-transparent>Fundo transparente (completo) (<a href=/media/vernfulltrans.xcf>XCF file</a>)</h2> <a aria-hidden=true href=#full-transparent>#full-transparent</a></div>
<img src=/media/vernfulltrans.png alt="Full ~vern logo with a transparent background">
<img src=/media/vernfulltrans.png alt="Logo do ~vern completo com fundo transparente">
<!--#include file="footer.cgi" -->