This organization contains all repositories vital for ~vern.

This repository contains patches we have applied to services we host. These are usually theme additions but sometimes might include other stuff.

Updated 18 hours ago

~vern nginx configurations

Updated 2 days ago

Website of ~vern

Updated 5 days ago

Core configs for the ~vern pubnix

Updated 7 days ago

Source files for our blog

Updated 1 week ago

/root/bin directory of the tilserv and pubnixvm. Contains mkuser scripts along with an array of other small scripts to do small tasks

Updated 2 weeks ago

Gopher landing page

Updated 2 weeks ago

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This repo contains source for our gemini capsule

Updated 2 weeks ago

NginX configuration files for in.vern.cc

Updated 3 weeks ago

~vern's knot-dns config and tutorial on how to set it up

Updated 2 months ago