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   Description:  Git repo of the no-JS club project website
   Dependencies: -
   Git:    website repo
   License:      -
   Contributors: Frank Homburg, shruub
   Comments:    This is the repo and source code of the no-js.club

This website is a proud member of the no-JS Club

The no-JS club is a collection of websites that avoid the use of JavaScript and was inspired by projects like 250KB.club, 512KB.club, 1MB.club and the former noJS.club. If you are interested in joining the club, please first take a look at our FAQ.

After you have read and understood the information there and accept the therein Terms and Conditions, please create a Ticket.

Once your request is accepted, your site will be listed on the homepage of the project website.

Currently in a state of change. Scans are now side-wide and powered by a script from a very cool guy.


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