A self-hosted bookmark synchronization service written in Nim https://xmoo.vern.cc/projects/thymapin/
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A simple bookmark synchronisation app.


The name is a portmanteau of the greek work for bookmark and the english word "pin"

Pronounce however you wish, I pronounce it as "Thigh-ma(as in Ma'am)-pin

Build instructions

Remember to install Nim and Nimble. As these are required for building the project.

In Debian, you can install nim by running "sudo apt install nim", otherwise refer to the official Nim website for instructions or your distros documentation page.

There are 2 ways of building Thymapin, the first one being the Nimble method and the second one being the Makefile method.

The Makefile is more suited for developers, other users are probably better off using the Nimble method. The Nimble method also can be used by CI engines.

When in doubt, use the Nimble method.

Nimble method

For this method, you only need Nim and Nimble installed.

Run nimble build to build the entirety of Thymapin

Warning: do NOT run nimble install under any circumstances as this could break your system. Thymapin is not intended to be "installed", it only builds itself to the build/ folder and that's it. Please do not break your system and just use nimble build

Makefile method

This method requires that you install Nim, Nimble and a make command (GNU Make works well)

Once you have everything installed, run make deps to install the dependencies of this project.

And then run make release to build Thymapin.


Nim is used for this project.

Parsetoml (and likewise, TOML) is used for configuration.

Prologue is used as a webserver.

Copyright © Leah Nielson 2022 xmoo@vern.cc

Licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later.

Check the "LICENSE" or "COPYING" file.

And we all shut down...