Packaging scripts for Debian
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A set of scripts to easily package tons of free software projects.

Note: A rewrite is ongoing and the old scripts have been placed in the OLD/ folder

List of packaged software

I want to write scripts to automatically package software that is not in Debian. The idea being that I could someday launch a debian repository of well-curated packages for users, the packages will be built on and tested on Bookworm (testing) but they should work on Stable and Unstable.

List of software I have successfully packaged: None!

List of software I am currently trying to package:

Build scripts

A build script should be a Python file ideally to maximize code readability and the possibility of adding improvements.

Writing Pythonic code is not required, any code that works and is somewhat easy-to-maintain is ideal.

You could also just add scripts in other languages such as Bash or Nim, just make sure to setup the CI engine to properly execute those. (Ideally a whole new pipeline)

One could even write a packaging script in Woodpecker's format, tho I don't want to be the one to do that.

Ideally, each script should have a header containing essential info about the build dependencies, so they can be easily changed.

Check for a basic header