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<title>Admins | ~vern</title>
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<p>This is the list of admins of ~vern. <br>Anyone claiming to be an admin that isn't on this list is lying. <br> This list may be updated at any point, so please check it to see if someone is an admin.</p>
<p>To contact all admins at once, use the admin (at sym) (main dom) email.</p>
<p>We also have non-vern contact methods listed so its possible to contact us even if ~vern is down</p>
<li><a href=//>Skylar (cobra)</a> - System administrator; hosts the tilserv; pays for everything; manages donations; webmaster <br> <a href=//>Matrix</a>, <a href=//>spare Matrix</a>, <a>XMPP</a><br>
Email: cobra (at sym) (main dom) (<a href=/media/cobra.asc>PGP</a>), spare thecobra (at sym) riseup dot net</li>
<li><a href=//>fatcat</a> - Renews canary; helps manage services <br> <a href=//>Matrix</a>, <a href=//>spare Matrix</a><br>
Email: fatcat (at sym) (main dom) (<a href=/media/fatcat.asc>PGP</a>), spare fatcatcomputing (at sym) proton dot me </li>
<li><a href=//>Vitor (vitorg)</a> - System administrator; wiki maintainer <br> <a href=//>Matrix</a>, <a href=//>spare Matrix</a><br>
Email: vitorg (at sym) (main dom) (<a href=/media/vitorg.asc>PGP</a>), spare vitorg (at sym) tilde dot team</li>
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