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~vern's website

This repo contains the files for the ~vern website.

It is completely static other than the 8 php scripts licensed under a GNU Affero General Public License, version 3. The generated content is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 International license, along with all other content on the website

To start a version locally, you can use or nginx configs similar to vern/nginx-configs:/common/website.conf.


You want to help ~vern and are fluent in English and another language? Great!

Follow these steps to start translating our website. For finer details, check out the existing pt-BR translation.

  1. Sign in (Preferrably with ~vern, if you have an account, but Codeberg OAuth2 is fine)
  2. Fork this repo
  3. Copy en/ to the code of whatever language you want to translate it into (we'll call it xx from now on)
  4. Remove xx/translations.php
  5. Translate! (but not xx/tos.html, xx/privpol.html, xx/p/list.php, or anything that isn't shown to the user (i.e. E-mails sent to admins))
  6. Create xx/tl-notice.html that looks something like this, but in your language:
<h1>Translation notice</h1>
<p>The following document is written in english because of ~vern's geographical jurisdiction. Taking into account that all our servers are in the USA or Canada, the following text couldn't be translated. Currently, our translators can't find a viable way of translating the document whilst keeping the same legal meaning. If you have any suggestions, contact an <a href="/xx/admins">admin</a>.</p>
<p>With this stance, here's the original document, in English:</p>
  1. Add the following text in tos.html and privpol.html directly under the nav.php include.
<!--#include file="tl-notice.html" -->
  1. Add your language to en/translations.php
  2. Create a pull request