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title: We now have user sockets!
date: Thu, 27 Oct 2022
author: ~aryak
Me and [~cobra]( finally finished/fixed user socket support on the pubnix!
With this, you can now host any sort of webapp on the unix domain socket `~/.webserver.sock` and it will be rendered on `*`
Most webservers like NginX and Caddy have support for binding to Unix Domain Sockets too!
We have a growing amount of examples in the [wiki page for usersites](
I would like to thank [~hacker999](, [~pjals]( and [~haxsam]( for helping out with the wiki and [~farooqkz]( for providing us a base NginX configuration for user sockets which we worked upon to do this.
Thank you for being a part of ~vern.