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a site for querying wn.db

Designing in the context of vern.cc's CGI capabilities

  • Executable scripts anywhere under ~/public_html are run as CGI scripts.
  • If it's named index.cgi, it gets special treatment in that it's the default handler for the directory.



  • Links to
    • Home
    • Casters
    • Segments
    • Rankings
  • Links to
    • git
    • SQLite Database

/wn/ Home

  • The default page should show a reverse chronological list of shows.
  • There should be a lot of rows before pagination kicks in.

/wn/caster/ List of all casters


  • List of every appearance of caster n in reverse chronological order
  • Segment distribution (all time)

/wn/segment/ List of all segments


  • List of every caster who has hosted the show n in reverse chronological order
  • Caster distribution (all time)

/wn/ranking/ Count appearances by caster


  • Count appearances by caster between the begin and end dates.


Create config.pl and set appropriate values for base and database.

  base     => "/", # base request path for site
  database => '/path/to/wn.db'

In the production deployment base is "/wn/", because I didn't want the site to take over /.

Web Server

Then, while in the www directory, run a web server that can run CGI scripts.

thttpd -p 4444 -c '**.cgi'


Reply is a good Perl REPL. Assuming you've created config.pl, you can start up reply and paste the following code to bootstrap the REPL session into this project.

use DBI;
do "./Utils.pm";
do "./WNDB.pm";
my %config = do "./config.pl";
my $dbh = DBI->connect($config{database});
my ($sql, $do) = sql_fn($dbh);

I wish there were a better way to preload those variables into the REPL session, but it will do for now.

# Example: render the home page from the REPL
my @r = WNDB::schedule_default $sql;
my $html = page(schedule => { base => $config{base}, r => \@r })