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song script

this script is downloads youtube links as mp3 to ~/Music folder


donate link or this

how to install

git clone
cd song
chmod +x

##if you install manually yt-dlp and ffmpeg (replace `sudo` with `doas` if you using `doas`)

#debian boi (replace `apt-get` with `nala` if you using `nala`)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install yt-dlp ffmpeg

#termux boi (source:
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
apt-get install libexpat openssl python ffmpeg
pip install -U yt-dlp

#arch boi
sudo pacman -Syy yt-dlp ffmpeg

#void Boi
sudo xbps-install yt-dlp ffmpeg

#openSussye boi
sudo zypper install yt-dlp ffmpeg

#fedora boi
sudo dnf install yt-dlp ffmpeg

#centOS or RHEL boi
sudo yum install yt-dlp ffmpeg

#gentoo Boi
USE="$USE mp3" sudo emerge --jobs $(nproc) --verbose --ask net-misc/yt-dlp media-video/ffmpeg

#Alpine BASED
sudo apk add yt-dlp ffmpeg

#pisi boi
sudo pisi install yt-dlp ffmpeg

after installition

first test song command


if output is

[E]: There is no link!

It's installed!

now you can delete song-cmd folder!!

cd ..
rm -rf song

how to use

command link

song {link} [file name]
song cool-song


song command not found (termux)

you should att $PREFIX/local/bin to path this code makes that

export SHELL="SHELL_NAME" # replace `SHELL_NAME` with your shell, e.g. bash, zsh, fish, dash, csh etc.
echo -e "\n"'export PATH="$PREFIX/local/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/${SHELL}rc # I think It's work on most shells.