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<h1 style="color:#F4C430">QB Networks</h1>
<h1 style="color:#F4C430"><a href="https://www.qbnetworks.xyz" target="_blank">QB Networks</a></h1>
<p style ="color:#F4C430">QB Networks is the head center for Masscollabs Services and its subprojects for the strategical decision making, Ai development and more...</p>
<h1 style ="color:#F4C430">Masscollabs Services</h1>
<p style ="color:#F4C430">We Masscollabs Services is leading to Software, Hardware and Science for the Internet Cyberspace with our own consciousness. <br>We have our own roadmap and which is why we say we are a Free Software project. <br>This is an open way to software and open infrastructures ...</p>
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