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1 - into the light
2 - where is the key
3 - peace or death
4 - 9/8(instrumental)
5 - when all is gone
6 - still in the danger zone
7 - my honor your victory
8 - starry road
9 - touch the sky
10 - we meet each other
11 - Hakuna Matata
12 - rise up
13 - forever young
14 - balkan(instrumental)
artwork/logo : https://openclipart.org/detail/255223/wooden-carving
electric guitar rithm and solo / + fretless
bass guitar / + fretless
vocal and choro
by Mert Gör's Ubuntu Party licensed under the terms of CC BY-SA 4.0 or any later
Bu çalışma ile yapmak istediğim tek bir bütünün parçalarından oluşan kısa parçalarla tematik bir hikaye yazmak ve bunu rock/progressive rock ve elektronik olarak da ethnic house formunda icra edebilmektir.