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# Suds
Suds is a privacy-respecting frontend to
# Instances
See instances.json
# Support
Join our [Matrix room]( for support and other things related to Suds
# Run your own instance
## Dependencies
This program depends on `bs4`, `requests`, and `flask`. Install them by running `pip3 install bs4 requests flask`.
For the production environment, you also need the uWSGI Python3 plugin. On Debian, it can be installed via `apt install uwsgi-plugin-python3`
## Production
1. Clone the repository
2. Run `uwsgi --plugin python3 --http-socket --wsgi-file --callable app --processes 4 --threads 2`
3. Point your reverse proxy to http://localhost:8001
## Development
1. Clone the repository
2. Run `python3`
3. Connect to http://localhost:8001