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~ajhalili2006's dotfiles

This is the redesigned dotfiles repo for ~ajhalili2006, because my first repo became a mess so hard to fix it in, built from scratch and based on

Available Git mirrors

This project is hosted on hosted instance of sourcehut at the ~ajhalili2006/dotfiles-modern Git repository, alongside the following Git mirrors:


It's easy, although this will be different because git clone <clone-url-above> will scream some errors when attempt to do so after creating a user with their own home directory.

# go back to your $HOME
cd ~

# init repo, add origin to repo (have you got your SSH keys?)
git init
git remote add origin

# another route here is cloning the repo before the user creation take place
# so you can skip the "fetch and force checkout hellscape"
git clone /home/ajhalili2006
# ...create user "ajhalili2006" here
chown ajhalili2006:ajhalili2006 -Rv /home/ajhalili2006

# fetch and force checkout
git fetch
git checkout -f main

# logout and login again to refresh your shell env or...
source ~/bin/postinstall-shell-init

Codespaces + Gitpod specifics

Because this cause confusion to most cloud dev environment services, although they'll symlink stuff when there's no install script, but that is a design flaw to be work around in the future.


TL;DR before we dive in to legalese:

  • Everything is licensed under both MIT + MPL 2.0, unless otherwise noted. Most third-party code and submodules used here aren't covered by this policy.
  • Open source !== open contribution. Since this is just a personal project, expect your contributions to be either rewritten or declined.
  • For contributors who wish to send patches, either an agreement to the DCO (via --signoff flag on commits and when sending email patches via ~ajhalili2006/ or through signing the project-specific Individual CLA alongside this specific copyright transfer agreement on this project (requires separate signature, uses FSFe's FLA 2.0) is mostly enough. Doing both is recommended to avoid further legal headaches down the line.